Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bridesmaids Bundles

Oh, hello there blog!

I didn't forget about you! I just got intimidated by my long hiatus and was too scared to come back. Go figure! Fear rules us all!

But anyway, I was scrolling through photos on my phone and remembered that I'd taken pictures of a wedding project that I wanted to share on the blog and then forgot to do so! Looking back, they're not great in progress photos, but the finished product is seriously too cute not to share.

When John and I got engaged (back in October) I knew I wanted to ask my friends to be involved in a cute and crafty way that incorporated our personalities and friendships.

Cue - bridesmaids care packages.

     1 Movie of your choosing - I chose Bridesmaids. Duh.
     1 DIY beautiful flask
     1 Super cute card from Rifle Paper Company

Now, that flask. That was the main catalyst for the whole thing. My ladies appreciate booze and beauty and I appreciate my ladies. So I went on Amazon and bought a few flasks and some colorful oil cloth. Oil cloth is basically the fabric that is waterproof - they make tablecloths out of it.

Once everything arrived, I measured out a piece of paper around the flask as a template and cut strips of the cloth. Then I used a spray tack to glue the fabric to the metal flask and let them sit over night. It was a truly easy DIY and the end products were just so pretty!

From there I just wrote little notes and bundled everything up. Now it's months later and I have the best bridesmaids ever and a wedding a few months away.  It's so crazy and exciting!

I'll try to post more soon. I've missed this little outlet!




    I love you so much Manda pants. I can't wait to be by your side on your wedding day!

    1. I think I need to make one for myself. I'm jealous of you ladies right now!


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