Saturday, November 10, 2012

5 Things I learned from the movie Sweet Home Alabama

Things I learned from the movie Sweet Home Alabama (which is one of my all time favorite romantic commedies):
  • You don't always meet your soulmate when you're 10 - but sometimes you do and it's AMAZING.  This movie has an epic love story.  About 2 kids from the south who find their soulmate when they're 10 years old. And they get married and knocked up and everything just goes wrong.  So they have to go about their lives pretending that they were crazy to think they were right all along.  Well guess what - sometimes you DO find your soulmate when you're 10.  And you shouldn't fight it.
  • If you lie about your background you can make it pretty far in the fashion world in NYC.  Melanie Smooter (Reese Witherspoon) is just a small town girl from the wrong side of the tracks in rural Alabama who gets caught up in young love.  When she realizes that her life isn't what she wanted, she adopts a new moniker, lies about her background, and becomes a huge success in the NYC fashion world.  BECAUSE SHE LIED.
  • Apparently, songs make great movie titles.  And can serve as main plot motivators.  You can get your main characters to dance to the song!  If there's a location in the title, you can set the film there!  WOW!
  • When lightning strikes sand it makes a weird squiggly glass monster.  And that is worth money! Duh. Base a business off it and impress your lover.
  • If you strap dynamite to a cat and aim it at a bank not only will the cat live but you'll become a local legend.  Guys. Cat's can totally survive being blown up.  They have NINE lives.  Just make sure you're tracking how many lives they've used up.  I'm pretty sure if it's they're last life they won't make it through the bank explosion.

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