Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Goals

I hope that you're fully aware that I'm a complete nutjob. 

Good.  As long as we've got that out of the way, we can proceed.  So, as you can tell by your general knowledge and not being in a coma, it's 2012.  Which, by all standards is a new year.  Completely distinct from last year, which was a lowly 2011.  As far as time goes, most people would consider an increase in digits to be a good thing.  So far, we're doing it right.  Good job, people!

So, with it being a new year, the logical answer to what to blog about is the much dreaded, much neglected after 2 weeks, list of resolutions.  Where I inevitably overpromise and under deliver.  Which, I've learned, is forwned upon. 

If I were in the mood for setting goals that I could easily attain.  Like "I resolve to not shave my head."  Or, "I resolve to eat more than I should."  I think that with goals like that I'd feel way more accomplished half way through the year when I undoubtedly look back at the list in reflection.  I'd be able to fondly remember that time I woke up late on a weekend and didn't change out of my pajamas until dinner because "hey! That was one of my resolutions!"

But no, I'm not programmed to think that way.  I'm programmed to make a neat and tidy list and do my darndest to adhere to it.  But I think this year (as I've thought many times in the past) I'll be able to accomplish most of these items!  So let's take a look at the new goals I have for myself shall we?

Clearly, not one of my better photos.  But I bought myself a handy dandy iPhone the other day and can't help but use it as much as possible.  Not to mention it's hard to take a photo of a notebook and make it look good.

Speaking of notebooks, I retained my yearly tradition of "Getting organized by buying a notebook that I inevitably don't use." But this one has pretty pages.  So maybe I'll use it.  I'm rambling.

As you can see from the list though, I'm going to try blogging more.  We're going to jump in soon and do at least 2 posts per week.  Let's do this 2012.

Get your life.


  1. i am altering the 2nd one to: send more snail mail to your good friend jessica who is leading a dreaded life of working retail and living at her parent's and needs to live vicariously through your much more fabulous life, but cannot do that unless you write her.

    it's a little more wordy, but still works, i think. :)

  2. Only if you send mail back. I'm very unsatisfied with people who don't mail back.

  3. i honestly have nothing better to do...besides, as i recall the last time i emailed you, you were the one to not write back miss


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