Sunday, October 17, 2010

If you fall in the Fall, you'll see

Well, Chicago...As much as I enjoy living inside you, sometimes it's really wonderful to get away.  Back to my roots if you will.

And this weekend allowed for just that.  I took a trip to Grand Rapids for a traditional rite of the season among friends: Pumpkin Carving Weekend.  Even just on the drive in I was getting into it.  The fall colors are amazing in Michigan.  I've yet to see them paralleled here.

I took oh so many pictures so I'll only share a few here but trust me, good times were definitely had.  It was one of those rare long weekends with perfect weather, ample treats, and some beautiful long walks.  I might just split this into a few posts but here is our trip to our favorite cider mill and nearby pumpkin yard.  And what I carved in mine. Hope your weekends were just as splendid!


  1. So terribly jealous. Nick and I were just remarking how it doesn't really feel like fall without trips for pumpkins and cider.

    Great job on buffy!

  2. Fall would definitely be something I'd miss down south. Although, your lesser winters are something to enjoy.

    Thanks! Buffy is the best!

  3. love these!! we even decorated a pumpkin for all purposes at work --- and the giants are now in the world series, so cool!
    loving the Fall so much already!! <3

  4. Awesome!

    Yeah, fall is pretty much the best.

  5. Just connected to your blog from Simply Bike! Particularly like this post and your pumpkin is awesome!!

  6. Thanks! It's my best yet!


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