Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lisa, it's your birthday

I don't know if you're aware of this, but my birthday was recently. Now, as the designated Queen of Theme, it should come as no surprise whatsoever that I love my birthday more than the next person.

Well, since moving to Chicago I won't lie, I've felt somewhat detached from the motivation to plan parties and whatnot considering I only have a select few friends remotely nearby. So I wasn't sure how my birthday would pan out since I like involving everyone but everyone lives far apart from one another.

So, being the gracious hostess that I am, I decided to celebrate all birthday events in the great state of Michigan. Thus spoiling everyone in my family and circle of friends. But it was a grand time! I got to have a family bbq at my dad's and a themed super party at my (former) favorite bar in GR!

In case you're curious, the theme was the 90s and it was totally rad. I got to dress as my favorite Primtime 90s bitch, Brenda Walsh. Love it. And I got some pretty neat presents ranging from the best comic book ever about corgis to a homemade tweed skirt to an epic new phone ending with an awesome new bike!!!

I am beyond excited for this new bike. It's a beautiful blue Peugeot mixte (as yet unnamed). It just needs a basket and I'll be able to commute on it once I'm more comfortable with the weather.

Look look!

Now, I know this post has been quite a bit scatterbrained but I'm going to resolve to try getting back into this here blog. I miss it.  Love you guys!


  1. Your mixte is beautiful! Looking forward to reading more about it.

  2. I absolutely love it. One fantastic birthday present!

  3. did your gifter get this at a local bike shop?? i'm looking for a bike, too.

  4. Well, he worked at a local bike shop. But I'm pretty sure a friend just gave it to him?

    But yes, the LBS is a really good place to find them. I've had really good luck with Craigslist as well.


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