Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Knit - purl - knit - purl

Today...Today has been surprisingly wonderful.  First of all, how cool is it that we had an earthquake here in Chicago? Well, I suppose it wouldn't be cool if anything bad actually came of it but it's still exciting to me.

We're not exactly "snowed in" like the east coast of the US but we got a bit of snow last night.  Our cars are both supremely stuck in their parking spaces for the time being and we're lacking the motivation to take the L downtown.

So we've been settling into our new digs.  Snuggling on the sofa watching whatever our antennae will let us on the TV.  Which usually results in movie night.  Movies are great for knitting scarves.  In case you were curious about the best time to knit - it's during a movie you've already seen.

I figure this scarf should be done by the time I start work next week.  And it's quite soft and cozy so the sooner the better.  So, today was going well.  I was knitting up a storm and the cable/internet guy was scheduled to come out later to set everything up.  But then, while I was taking a photo of my progress, the guy called and said he could come sooner! YES! Internet! Score!

And then...John checked the mail.  I was already in my happy mode what with the cable/internet being bumped up. But then my lover bursts through the door (well, that's not excactly accurate) and announces that our Amazon orders are here - a full day early! Wow.

So, that picture is the amazingness of my day in a nutshell. Plus the internet, which I'm using to write this post.  Oh boy.


  1. haha I'm so excited for the little things!

  2. Congrats! I'm glad your move to Chicago was successful.

    I like to knit while my husband plays video games. It provides such exciting background music, that knitting suddenly feels so epic! Like I need to knit that scarf fast so my war party can survive out in the snowy wilderness or something.

  3. Yes! The epic music makes that scarf so much more important! Haha I'm glad someone understands.


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