Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm a Lady, that's Why

I realize now that these blog endeavors need an overarching theme.

Therefore, my theme, believe it or not, is being a lady and doing so in style.  Granted, I'm not super stylish in some cases, but I am a lady at all times.

Especially when I toot.

Ladies toot. Non-ladies fart.  Lesson One.

Here's another very important lesson for you: RSVP-ing is one of the most important and classy things you need to do.

I recently threw a bridal shower with my lovely sisters for our soon to be lovely other sister.  And guess what! Very few people RSVPed! Despite there being several options for how to do so on the invite.  They will forever be shamed for this oversight.  If you don't want to be shamed, learn that it's customary to RSVP by the date you're told to do so.

Speaking of the shower, it was lovely.  Very comforatble and cute.  I'm officially a fan of gatherings of generations of women and margaritas.  And games!  Wait, I was already a fan of games.  Well, anyway. It was very nice.

Oh, another note - Ladies love to drink cocktails outside.  When confronted with the option of what to do on a sunny day, it's a safe bet to suggest drinking daiquiries out on tha patio.  This goes double if you can arrange for some classy records to be playing.

Also, this classy lady enjoys winning nerdy movie tickets.  Maybe other ladies like space movies, but it's not safe to assume on that one.  Best to ask first.


  1. If this is a lady's only blog, I don't know if I'm going to be allowed to keep reading it.
    However, ladies DO love daiquiris outside. That is a very truthful fact. And real ladies like whatever movies they want, including but not limited to: space movies, superhero movies, bad action movies, musicals, and maybe pornos? Hahaha.
    Oh how I love you Miss Mandapants.

  2. It's definitely NOT ladies only.

    It's just about me, doing normal things, but still being a lady.
    Like riding a bike. Or cleaning up dog poops.

    It's all about class, and you, Samalamadingdong have that in abundance.

  3. Good, because I think I may fart instead of toot.

    You did an excellent job on the party. The non-lady aspect of me is being unforgivably late on thank-yous, but I am working on this at this very second!


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