Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alone on a Bicycle for Two

Guess what I learned yesterday.

I learned that even though you remember something being one of your favorite things as a kid, it doesn't mean it's going to be the same now.

Case in point: Bike Riding.

I'll admit, I looked at bike riding as something that was always easy and fun.  I remember riding around the neighborhood - or in my own yard - having a blast! But then I didn't ride a bike for about...10 years.

There's this thing that happens to people in my family, they seem to get married and then automatically become very interested in biking (look forward to that Nick and Kat).  They seem to have so much fun doing it though, so I decided to get interested in it myself.

My mom traded me 2 big people sized Schwinn CrissCross bikes for my old huffy and even delivered them to me out in Grand Rapids.  I was so excited that I was even looking up baskets and such to put on my new friend.

And then yesterday happened. It was kind of nice out (a bit cold and windy but still nice).  So we decided to go for a ride. My first ride in 10 years.  Oh boy was it exciting!

Then I realized the bad news.  Bike riding is HARD.  No matter what fond memories you have of it.  If you haven't done it in 10'll pretty much die.  Like I did.

I made it about 10 minutes with some major pouting and one hill and then had to call it quits because my throat was killing me for whatever reason.  I was sorely disappointed in myself. I still am. But I suppose this is one of those things that takes work.

By the summer....I'll be able to ride to the ice cream joint damnit.


  1. Cycling is only as hard as you make it. Next time I'm out there I'll check out the Schwinns and make sure they're in good enough riding shape.

  2. I plan on biking being fun soon.

    That'd be great!

  3. You better get into biking soon! I wanna bike together!

  4. I'm working on it!


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