Monday, December 27, 2010

Being Alone is Lonely

There are a few times when it would be nicer not to live alone:

- Grocery day

- The day after Christmas when you need to move things inside

- When you get your car stuck

- When the power goes out (slumber party!)

- When there's a bug that needs squashing

- When your dog needs to be taken to the vet due to an emergency.

On that last note, let's go ahead and point out how much it really sucks.  See, when Ash and I got home from our little Christmas trip home, he took the time to get into the garbage.  And then he ate himself some red velvet cake ball mixture.  And then we napped.

Upon waking, he puked red crap all over the side of the bed.  Then in the living room. Then in the living room again.  So, I took him to the emergency clinic.  He got some anti vomit and stomache achey stuff and we were sent home.  Then at 3am...more puke.  Blaaaah.

Decided to take him into the emergency clinic again.  Got the car stuck.  (Bonus: I unstuck it myself!) Took some x-rays. Massive blob in his stum.  So we induced vomitting.

Bingo bango - never making cake balls again.

Poor little guy!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas

Well, it's Christmas Day.  I meant to post these earlier but my dad's house lacked the necessary wi-fi capabilities to post accordingly.  So, here we are.  Updating during a Freaks and Geeks marathon.

So, last week Danielle, Jessica and I went downtown to check out the tree.  Man, it was tourist city. But we got some neat photos in.  The Christkindl Markt was in town too so we got to smell some tasty treats and see some really neat crafts.

I mean seriously, that snack tent smelled AMAZING.  Word.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Luck Be a Lady

Unfortunately, I'm being a crappy person and avoiding all responsibilities right now.  Meaning I should have unpacked from Official Cookie Weekend 2010 and started cake balls for charity but I'm so SICK of cake balls.
Instead I'm going to write down a list that we went over this weekend at my mum's.  Now, if we're being honest (which we are) no one really measures up to the list so just consider going halvsies.

So, withour further ado.  Here's Amanda's list of what makes a lady:

1.) As previously mentioned, a lady never farts.  Ladies toot.  Unless it's for vengeance, there's nothing ladylike about vengeance and therefore you can vengefully fart and still be a lady.

2.) Ladies have at least 4 accents perfected.  Come on. Commit to being a lady and practice here.

3.) Ladies are bad at doing dishes.  So bad in fact that people recommend they never do them. Ever.

4.) A lady always tells.  A lady will take all jokes one step too far and guess what.  It's NBD. Why? Because she's a lady, that's why.

5.) Ladies can have tattoos.  As many as I have or plan on having.

6.) A real lady watches extremely dorky TV shows and quotes completely obscure parts of them at random points with people who do not understand.  She then may or may not choose to laugh at how silly they are for not getting it. (Case in point: "I see it.")

7.) A lady can draw anthopomorphic food with clever sayings. Done.

8.) Ladies are good at buying gifts for people because they only buy gifts for people who like what they would buy themselves. Wait, what?

9.) Ladies love hot dogs.

10.) A lady is like a vase with titties....wait no. That's something else entirely.

I'm exhausted after all that listing.  Man. It's a good thing I'm such a lady.  I can school you suckers for days on this.  I've used that word too much now.  That word being "lady". Goddammit.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Long Drive Home

I'm sad to say that my apartment still isn't decorated for Christmas.  I was super inspired by John's apartment this weekend and vowed to come home and instantly decorate my place.  But here I sit. In a messy apartment.
It's just sooooo cold!  My feet are frozen and my hands are too.  So I'll start just as soon as I can warm up.  In the meantime, let's see if we can't update this here blog.

Lots has been happening lately.  And by lots, I mean I'm driving too darn much.  I went home to Michigan for a week for Thanksgiving, stopping in Grand Rapids, White Lake, Highland, Goodrich, and Flint.  Man.  It was fun but tiring! Luckily it was worth it to see my fantastic friends and family.

I even learned to crochet!  So now we're going to see a huge increase in my craftiness.  It'll be pretty fun.  I'm even hosting a crafternoon at my apartment next Saturday in case anyone in Chicago is interested in some crafty goodness.

Plus I'm organizing a bake sale at work! Awesome!  I'm excited for cookie time.  One of the many benefits of it being the holiday season is a sudden influx of baking.

Let's see some photographic evidence of my recent fun times/craftiness.

Pumpkin Pie Bites! Cute!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Christmas Party Monopoly Times.

First Crochet Project = success!
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